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National Agricultural Knowledge Share Fair
From 2 February 2015 To 5 February 2015
Cooperating Organizations

FAO takes part in the first National Knowledge share Fair in Sudan organised byThe Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI) which is an exciting and “out-of-the-box” opportunity to share knowledge, discuss, learn and explore creative and innovative experience and influence future development activities in the agriculture sector. The four days event is organised in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). It will be taking place at the Police Club, Khartoum, on February 2nd - 5th, 2015.

A knowledge share fair is a buzzing, interactive and collaborative workspace, with lively discussions and practical demonstrations that include the application of knowledge sharing tools and methods. There are facilitated sessions to learn how others have improved the effectiveness and quality of their work, and opportunities for networking, allowing people to connect and link ideas as well as exchanging opinions in a natural way and relaxed setting. A share fair is not a goal in itself, but the beginning of a process. It will create new partnerships; new exchanges between people that would like to work together, in a different way.

The Fair is organized as a first time event in Sudan to demonstrate how active and strategic participation, knowledge, experience sharing improves the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of any work, thereby setting the example and encouraging participation to existing and future other knowledge sharing and coordination platforms. As well, it will bring together around 200 professionals from the agriculture sector in Sudan, including extension MoAI departments from federal and state levels, agricultural research corporations, UN organizations, international and national NGOs, public and private sector organizations and institutions and other civil society actors involved in rural an agricultural development projects.