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Extension Bulletins Management System
About Agricultural Extension Bulletins  

Agricultural Extension Bulletins are the extraction of extension recommendations of a certain crop or agricultural field. It aims to provide the farmer with detailed information that help him to select the varieties, tillage, irrigation, fertilization, protection processes allover the season. These recommendation are distinguished from the recommendations of the individual research papers by its integrity and compatibility, as it is usually reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers to avoid incompleteness and contradictions between various recommendations. 

The reader must consider the different environmental conditions when using bulletin from various countries, as the bulletin content tends to cover the common ecological, pests, diseases, irrigation methods in the publishing country. 

The user can choose from among the various bulletins published by research and extension systems of MENA countries. The user have the choice to display the whole bulletin, search a specific topic from the list, or to free search a key word of his interest. He can also download the bulletin to use it offline. 

The Agricultural Extension Bulletins are in the following domains:

Animal Production and Fodder Insects and Diseases
Environment Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Field Crops Oil Crops
Food Industry Rural Women
Fruit and Vegetables Weeds