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Near East Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network
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About Near East Virtual Extension and Research Communication Network  

Regional VERCON Network is a web-based integrated, multilingual regional information and communication system. It enables access, exchange and disseminate information, knowledge, experience and innovations among agricultural researchers and advisory services, extension agents, small farmers, farmers’ groups, non-governmental organizations, private and public agricultural service suppliers, communication professionals and the media, such as rural radio stations.

Objectives of the Regional VERCON 

Regional VERCON aims to improve linkages among agricultural research, extension and farmers in the North African and Near East Region. 

This comprehensive goal is realized through:  

  1. Creating collaborative working environment.
  2. Promoting coordination and better use of resource.
  3. Enabling two-way communication in various forms.
  4. Increase system effect and impact.
  5. Providing a platform for discussion and information sharing.
  6. Enabling informed decision making.
  7. Processing and managing data quickly and cheaply.
  8. Disseminating information and knowledge in various formats.
  9. Connecting geographically dispersed people.